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Luxury Cat Tree and Climbing Frame | Cat Tree Pet House Furniture | Cat Scratching Post | Wood Climbing Tree




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Product Overview

This sturdy modern cat climbing frame is a great addition to any house or apartment. Available in various colours, this luxurious cat tree will fit perfectly into any household. With one main compartment and multiple scratch opportunities your cats will be able to play, scratch, relax and nap in comfort.

Product Features Explained

DIFFERENT HEIGHT EXPERIENCE: This product comes with various well-padded perches which provide two different height experiences for your pet. Cats love to climb! And, this cat climbing frame will allow them to explore, hide and climb up to 141 cm. 

SCRATCH PADS: This product comes with various scratch trees and pads for your cat to enjoy. If your pet is prone to scratch your furniture, this product will fulfil all your cat's scratching needs!

VARIOUS RELAXATION SPOTS AND HIDEAWAYS: Fluffy cubbies offer a quiet and private place to rest and nap. The floor-level compartment requires no steps or climbing, therefore is perfect for a more senior cat. There is also a second cubby hole on the second floor which is great for cats who love to be high up, but also feel secure in a compartmented area. There are also three soft perches which are great for cats to rest and nap in comfort.

EASY CARE AND ASSEMBLY: This product comes with a step by step instruction manual for assembly and all the necessary tools. Super easy to set up, this cat climbing frame will be assembled in no time!

Product Details

Type: Cats
Brand Name: Speedy Pet
Material: Wood
Kind: Cat House Cat Tree
Colours Available : Gray / Beige /  Brown