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Dog Safety Gate | Pet Dog Fence Gate Safe Guard | Safety Enclosure Dog Fence




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This sturdy and well-designed dog gate creates a closed safe environment for your four-legged friend.

The retractable gate is lightweight, portable and also super easy to assemble. With a transparent mesh, you can keep an eye on your pet whilst keeping them contained in a safe area. This pet gate is available in two different sizes: 

S: 110 * 72cm (about 43.3 / 28.3 inches)
L: 180 * 72cm (about 70.86 / 28.3 inches)


SAFETY ENCLOSURE - This pet safety gate works as both an infant gate and a pet gate to provide a safe enclosured area to play and rest.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS - This pet gate is built with tough, partially see-through fibre glass fabric woven to withstand abuse from pets, which designed to endure pets claws.

EASY INSTALLATION - Lightweight and portable, this gate is super easy to assemble for immediate use. This gate is ideal to place anywhere in house. From doorways, between walls, stairs, bedroom, kitchen, dining or even outside! It's also easy to retract when someone needs to pass. When not in use, this gate is easily foldable and hardly takes up any room whilst stored. 

NO HOLES - This gate is fixed with adhesive hooks, therefore this means no holes need to be drilled in the walls! 

NO TOOLS REQUIRED - This set includes adhesive hook for easy installation and installation guides. 

COLOURS AVAILABLE - This pet gate is available in two different colours. 


1. Unfold the fabric woven
2. Stretch two metal posts for the maximum length.
3. Put these two poles in the tunnels on both sides.
4. Fix the sticky hooks where you install the magic gate.
5. Hang the fabric woven on the four hooks.


Material: Plastic
Type: Dogs